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Augustus Newell (Augie)

Augie with RCA Console Repair 2020 post

       As an independent pro-audio electronics technician based in Asheville, NC USA., 'Silent Audio Co.'  formed out of my repair company, 'Repairs by Augustus,' which obtained its title in 2017.

       My technical education informally began when I was 7 years old. My father was a systems controls technician, and a musician.

He began teaching me about electricity, music, and science very early on. I haven't stopped learning since! I'm thankful for my father's early introductions. They have evolved into a unique opportunity to be of service in a dynamic position of continuing improvement, reward, and challenges.

       Skill-sets complimenting work I do include my experience as a fine jeweler, a lifelong musician, and being an independent scientific researcher. They've been crystalizing organically over decades of self-motivated education, hands-on experience, and ingenuity. Elaborate understandings of mains power, power supplies, audio-circuitry, and how energy fields actually move are helpful groundwork for fast-paced troubleshooting of uncommon interference issues.

      I've been fortunate enough, already, to service some of the world's finest audio equipment, in my opinion. Two of my favorites have been a Neumann VMS-66 record mastering lathe, and a Studer 928 mixing console. Some equipment, whether old or new, can present challenges of extreme difficulty for many. I know this because I've spent allot of time there, already. Experience can go a long way, tapping hard-learned and valuable lessons of prior challenges.


Can I help you  do what you love  even better?


Silent Audio Co.

Augustus Newell

Owner & Lead Technician

Asheville, NC USA

+1 (828) 301.5003

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