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Before checking anything - turn it off!

It is critical to only check on malfunctioning equipment when the power is off. Turn off, unplug and if battery operated - remove them. 

I have an unwanted "fuzziness" coming from my electric audio devices...

A common cause of "fuzziness" in your sound is a bad connection. Check your components to see if; a connection point is loose or faulty, a cable is frayed or distressed by wear-and-tear, or a cable is bent too far which results in an "uneven" connection. You can also test by using a different a cable to see if the problem persists.

My studio has an unwanted background noise in all its recordings, regardless of instruments or equipment used.

Take a look around for anything electronic that is  not related to the recording process - if it is non essential, try turning it off and recording a test track. Often times interference can come from the least expected places.

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