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Below is a categorized list of some equipment I've serviced.


Neumann VMS-66 Disk Mastering Lathe (1966)

Tascam MS-16 Reel to Reel 1" 16 Track Tape Machine

Technics Professional Turntable

Altec 639A Microphone (1936)

Neumann U87 Microphone

Sure SM58 Microphone

Sure PG48 Microphone

Ampex 351 Preamp


Studer 928 Mixing Console
Avolites Quartz Stage Lighting Console
Behringer X32 40-channel Digital Mixer
RCA Type BC-3C MI-11641-A Broadcasting Console (1957) Refurbishment

YAMAHA 24 Track Mixing Board


Monitors / Drivers:
Leslie 122 Rotary Speaker

Agular Bass Speaker Cabinet

JBL L100 Century Bookshelf Loudspeakers

JBL 15" 2 Way PA Speakers

EAW SM129Z Refurbish + Custom Crossover

Powered PA Speakers (various)

Studio Reference Monitors (various)


Marshall DSL40C 40W Tube Amp

Fender Vibro King Vantage Amp

Markbass Bass Amp

Roland Cube Bass Amp

Roland KC-350 Keyboard Amp

Fender Blues Jr. Vintage & Reissue Amp

Fender Blues Deluxe Vintage & Reissue Amp

Fender Twin Reverb Reissue Amp

Fender Super Reverb Reissue Amp

Fender Deluxe Reverb Vintage Amp

Peavy Classic 50 Amp

Epiphone Electra EA-26 RVT Amp

Reference Monitor Amps

Fender Hot Rod De Ville Amp

Kustom KPS-PM100T PA System

Ampeg Rocket Bass B-100R Bass Amp


Keyboards, Organs, Synths:

Hammond B3 Organ

Hammond A100 Organ

Access Virus TI Synthesizer

Roland Phantom X6 Electric Keyboard

Roland VK-7 Electric Organ

Korg KRONOS Electric Keyboard Workstation

YAMAHA S60 88 Key Electric Keyboard


Korg SP200 Keyboard

NORD Electro 5D Keyboard

NORD Electro 4D Keyboard

Korg SV-1 Stage Vintage Piano


MXR Super Compression Guitar Pedal

Cry Baby Wah Pedals

MXR Super Comp Guitar Pedal

Electro-Harmonix Bassballs Bass Pedal 

Vox Wah Pedal

Morley Optic Wah Pedal

Roland MIDI Guitar Workstation

Thunder and Lightning Guitar Pedal

Boss Vocoder Pedal VO-1



Fender Statocastor Guitar

Fender Squire Guitar

Carvin Bass Guitar

Tobias Growler Bass Guitar

Pickups / Active Pickups

Pickups, Repair and Upgrading

Grounding Issues


EMI / RFI Issues:

Electromagnetic Interference

Radio Frequency Interference

Music Studio Grounding Issues

Tube Amp Noise-Floors

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